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Art for Landscapes and Public Spaces

horseWe also specialise in acquiring and commissioning art for landscape and for public spaces, and in managing the technical aspects of such projects.

In particular, our expertise centres around the commissioning of new art for specific settings, both commercial and private. This is often a daunting process, particularly when the pieces in question may be very large and bring attendant technical issues.

After receiving requests for help with projects of this kind from several clients, we made the decision to bring together several of the various specialists with whom we found ourselves working to found a single entity. Over the last five years we have developed a specific tailormade service for clients wishing to commission large-scale work for public and exterior spaces. Our clients include banks, hedge funds, public bodies and developers as well as private individuals.

Whether your plans relate to a corporate environment or a private estate, we welcome the opportunity to meet and discuss your needs.