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Collecting Modern Art

We initially spend a little time with our client, talking over their requirements. We try to gain the fullest possible understanding of his or her needs before suggesting any course of action.

In an increasingly complex and international market-place, our task is twofold:

Planning a collection

On a strategic level, we help our clients plan their collecting according to their tastes, enthusiasms or other goals. We will advise in detail on current critical and commercial trends, and introduce our clients to artists and movements which we think may interest them. We often arrange visits for our clients to museums, private galleries and artists’ studios, in order to help our clients make the most informed decisions about their collecting policy.

Forming a collection

In terms of acquiring individual works, our primary task is to be our client’s eyes, ears and legs. We source work direct from private collections and through auction and commercial galleries, and act for our clients in any way necessary. We advise upon the pricing, authenticity, condition and past history of a work of art, and compile formal dossiers on individual pieces under consideration.

An important part of our service revolves around our ability to seek out works which others may not be aware of or have access to. With twenty years’ experience at the highest levels of the art market and wide contacts among private collectors, we are often aware of works within private collections that might be for sale in certain circumstances. In this way, we aim to offer our clients privileged access to pre-eminent works of art – the paintings illustrated on this site were all sourced in this way, bypassing the open market completely.

* * *

Collecting art should, above all, be a passionate and enjoyable experience. To this end, we want our service to offer both value for money and peace of mind. We can work for our clients on a retainer or a commission basis, or a combination of the two: whatever the option that you may choose, it is our policy to disclose our fees fully and transparently.

An important part of our charter is that we do not own stock: this leaves us free to offer completely impartial advice to our clients. In the event that we already being retained or compensated by the seller of a painting we will always disclose this fact, and will accept no commission from a buyer in these cases.

We can organise viewings in London, Europe or the United States, and we frequently bring paintings to clients in their own homes to be viewed in situ.

Of course a great deal of our service to our clients has a commercial dimension and involves advising on valuations and market trends. However, please note that we do not advise on buying art solely for the purposes of investment. We like to think that our clients, whether private, corporate or museums, are collectors in the true sense of the word: we do not work with art funds or speculators.

If you are interested in any aspect of collecting the art of the 20th and 21st centuries, please feel free to contact us for an informal and confidential discussion.