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Selling Art

Owning a collection, of course, involves selling just as much as it does buying.

UnknownIn a diverse and sparsely regulated art market, impartial advice is a vital resource for anyone selling a work of art.  This is particularly so where selling is concerned.  A collector or an owner who has, for instance, inherited a work of art and is seeking to liquidate an asset is faced with a diverse range of options for selling it, each with its merits and pitfalls.

Alongside our services on the buying side, therefore, we offer expert and professional guidance to owners and collectors who are considering selling works of art.

• We provide objective valuations and analysis and consider every possible option for sale.
• We negotiate on our client’s behalf to obtain the best possible terms from auction houses, private buyers and public institutions.
• We oversee every aspect of a sale, from exhibitions and pricing to post-sale tax negotiations, to maximize the net benefit to our client.

The options for the sale of a work of art or a collection may include auction, private sales, a negotiation with a museum or government to utilize tax concessions, or any combination of these. We allow our clients to explore all of these options in order to reap the greatest possible net benefit from a sale.